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    Dr. Christian Miller is a licensed Optometrist who does routine eye exams, contact lens fitting and can treat most common eye diseases.

Dr. Christian Miller is a licensed Optometrist who does routine eye exams, contact lens fitting and can treat most common eye diseases. Based in Hackettstown, NJ.

Treatment & Management of Eye Disease, Learning Related Vision Problems, Eye Health Care, Children's Vision, Visual Perception and Development.

We specialize in the following services; Comprehensive Eye Examinations, including Glaucoma and Cataract Care, Co-Management of Refractive Surgery, Learning Related Vision Problems, Computerized Peripheral Vision Testing, Prompt Treatment of "pink eye" and corneal abrasions, Orthoptics/Vision Therapy, Binocular vision/Eye Training (Vision Therapy) as well as Nutrition, Health Research, State of the Art Contact Lens Care and Training.

Eyecare Services


Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Comprehensive eye examinations including glaucoma, cataract care, pink eye, dry eye, etc. Dr. Miller performs routine eye examinations using the most up to date instruments such as the retinal camera so there is a photographic record of the inside of your eye. This enables us to see if changes are occuring over time and if you are developing conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma. We will refer you to the proper specialist if necessary. We believe in unhurried exams and welcome any questions.


Co-Management of Refractive Surgery
(i.e. - laser vision correction or laser eye surgery)

Dr. Miller is afiliated with the Clarity Refractive Services. in West Orange, New Jersey. He does all the post-op care after the surgery. The patient only has to go to the center one day for the surgery. All the other visits will be at Dr. Miller's office. Please call the office for further information or go to Clarity Refractive Services.


Learning Related Vision Problems

Dr. Miller has worked with vision and learning problems for nearly 30 years. His use of lenses and vision therapy helps many types of eye coordination and focusing problems (including but not limited to double vision, crossed eyes, blurred vision, ocular headaches). Dr. Miller's combination of optometry and education has helped many chidren to do much better in school (including children with suspected or diagnosed dyslexia or attention deficit disorders, ADHD). Dr. Miller also works with adults who have reading problems. For more information on learning related vision problems and vision therapy (eye exercises), see these advertising-free web sites with information on:

Or visit the web sites of this non-profit optometry web site: OEPF


Vision Training or Vision Therapy

Vision training or Vision therapy is used to correct many vision problems such as eye coordination, eye teaming, and focusing disorders. We use the latest techniques including computer orthoptics to help children and adults. Vision therapy uses biofeedback to help the eyes work together better. For more information call Dr. Miller or go to What is Vision Therapy?.


Computerized Peripheral Vision Testing

We have an automated visual field tester to measure your side vision. This will help test for certain eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment as well as detecting some brain tumors. We urge all patients to have a visual field screening.

Dr. Christian Miller

Hi! I'm Dr. Christian Miller!

Dr. Miller practices at Pearle Vision located on Route 57 In Hackettstown, NJ.

Dr Miller provides eye examinations and fits all types of contact lenses including bifocal contacts. He is also board-certified to treat most common eye diseases and to remove foreign bodies from the eye. Also, he co-manages patients who have cataract and laser correction surgery.


In addition, Dr. Christian Miller has had special training in the area of vision and learning problems. He completed a residency in vision therapy at the Optometric Center of New York, State University of New York. He also studied at the world-renowned Gesell Institute of Child Development in New Haven, Conneticut. This background has enabled Dr Miller to help many patients with reading and learning problems. His training at the Gesell Institute enables him to determine the developmental age of a child which is a good indicator for the child's readiness for school. He also provides and supervises vision therapy for visual, motor and perceptual motor difficulties.

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